Spouting Repairs

Spouting repairs in some cases is all that is required to get a rainwater system functioning properly again. We can undertake spouting repairs to most spouting systems including copper, colorsteel, galvanized and plastic. Spouting repairs can be made to these materials in the many and varied profiles (or shape) that are in existence on our homes and buildings today.

Internal systems present many challenges for owners as these spouting systems have been constructed in such a way it conforms to the structure of the building and when they fail water enters the property, we can repair these systems but new falls cannot be created. We have however successfully repaired many of these to the satisfaction of our customers.

Whilst we are happy to repair plastic spouting the nature of the material brings with it deficiencies which make it unable for us to offer a warranty. With the extremes in climate here in New Zealand plastic spouting will expand and contract up to 8 times more than colorsteel eventually rendering joins completely ineffective, also harmful UV rays will eventually make the material brittle.

We find when repairs to plastic spouting are sought these are often at a stage where the system has reached a point where replacement really is a more rational solution. Customers are delighted to find the cost of replacement with our continuous spouting is usually less expensive than plastic spouting.

Historically we have found those home owners who have regularly cleaned their spouting enjoy a significantly longer life from it. Typically galvanized spouting installed thirty years ago will now be showing signs of corrosion.

Whilst we repair your spouting we can undertake a thorough examination and report to you our findings and recommendations and arrange for you to have regular maintenance if appropriate.

Some homes will have experienced movement during the recent seismic activity and owners may find the falls on their spouting have changed. We can remove, re bracket and reinstall the spouting in most cases.